Our Process

Our Proven Process

With so many staffing companies out there, we know we must stand out amongst them. We do this by being talent matchmakers, not headhunters or resume pushers. We leverage our Proven Process for recruiting which ensures that the perfect match is made each and every time. We also provide transparency in every aspect of the hiring process, educating employers and candidates regarding the industry and the opportunity to ensure the best possible fit. These factors lead to better engaged and better performing candidates, because there are no surprises or missed expectations for any of the stakeholders. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most.

1. Before a Requisition

How can you have a step before a requisition even exists? We start our recruiting process even before we know that you have a need. Our recruiters talk to potential resources all day long, networking and building our pool of potential hiring candidates across a wide variety of technologies and skill sets. This helps us respond very quickly to client’s needs.

2. Receive Requisition

When we receive a requisition from a hiring manager, we begin to identify and qualify resources based on their skill sets and talents. The staffing industry is extremely competitive, so we know how important it is to act fast on the requisitions that we receive. However, it’s also necessary to do so strategically.

3. Recruiter Vets Candidates

At this point, recruiters work to begin the vetting process, making sure to only choose the best possible candidates to move forward. Along with verifying years of experience and relevant skills sets, reference checks are performed to ensure the candidate comes highly recommended. We also attempt to align candidates with company culture which is hugely important.

4. Candidates Move On

Once the recruiter has chosen and vetted the best candidates from Step 2, they are then vetted by senior leadership. These technical leaders work in the same industry as the candidate , so their subject matter expertise is crucial. They also narrow down the field by determining who really has the expertise, technical knowledge, and experience that the position requires. This is how we ensure you’re only getting the absolute cream of the crop.

5. Resumes Reviewed

Once candidates have been vetted by both recruiters and technical leadership, the final group of resumes is sent to the hiring manager for review. Based on the level of review and vetting that happens prior to this, only the strongest candidates to fill the position remain. This means that the hiring manager ends up with only a few highly qualified applicants who really feel passionate about working for the company and who have all the knowledge and skills necessary.

6. Interview Prep

During this step, our expert recruiters help set candidate expectations for their interview so they feel prepared.  This helps the candidates feel more confident that they’ll be ready to handle the interview.  This ensures that the hiring manager is always getting the best representation of each candidate.

7. Offer Made

After a final decision is reached about who the best candidate for the position is, an offer is made. Once the offer is accepted, we take the time to complete a background check and facilitate the transfer of any required employee information.

8. First Day

We ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is complete and prepare the candidate for their fist day on the job. We’re also here to quickly resolve any problems or issues to make sure it’s a great first day. Our clients can be confident that we stand strongly behind our candidates.

9. Performance Reviews

During the candidate’s tenure, we check in periodically to make sure that everything is working out as expected for both parties. We want to ensure that the match is still a good one. This helps keep the candidate accountable for their performance on the job, and also lets them know that we care about how they’re doing.

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