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Staffing top talent in IT and Engineering.

We work with a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 enterprises to mid-sized companies, to connect top talent with the best IT and Engineering opportunities. Our deep-rooted understanding of the hiring market, broad network of connections, and decades of staffing industry expertise have enabled us to succeed where other recruiters have not. Here are just some of the roles we fill:

Information Technology

Solution Architect
Cloud Engineer
Software Developer
DevOps Engineer
Business Analyst
Quality Assurance Analyst
Project Manager
Database Analyst
UI Designer
Systems Integrator


Software Designer
Embedded Software Designer
IoT Engineer
Hardware Designer
Firmware Designer
Product Designer
Project Manager
Quality Engineer
System Integrator
Application Designer

Staffing options for every need.

Whether it is temporary staff to cover peak seasons, a project-based resource to manage specific initiatives, or a full-time employee to round out an existing team, we offer flexible staffing methods tailored to fit each hiring manager’s unique needs.


Contractor Services

When you don’t need a full-time employee but need the right resource for a specific project or duration of time.


Contract to Hire

When you want to move forward on a trial basis before offering a full contract to ensure that the right person is hired and that both parties are comfortable.


Full-Time Placement

When you need a full-time professional, but do not have the capacity to sift through countless resumes or keep up with every technological advancement. 

We find the right recruit through a Proven Process.

Our staffing team knows that every technology need has its own set of particulars. You may need an IT consultant to perform a specific task for a new project or service. Or it may be that you need a more permanent position for an in-house Engineer to become part of your team. It could be somewhere in between. Provato Staffing finds the right technology pro for your organization’s specific needs, whatever the timeline or task at hand may be.

Extensive industry-separating knowledge.

By reading our most recent articles, hiring managers can gain more insight into the IT and engineering staffing industries, so they can make better decisions about staffing.

Never fill out a cumbersome job requisition again

Finding the right candidate for your most important roles has been a hiring challenge for decades, but what if there was an innovative tool that made it easier? A tool specifically designed to help hiring managers describe their ideal candidates faster than a standard job requisition. That tool is EZ Req.

    Stress-free staffing

    We prioritize building trust and sustainable relationships with our clients. We’re ready and available to answer any questions you may have.